Core Technology


mToF Solutions


Deptrum offers a pioneering mToF (modulated ToF) solution based on its novel proprietary nano-phononics technology and cutting-edge algorithms. Our full-stack ToF solution aims to conquer challenges in real-life scenarios.  It integrates artificial intelligence algorithms with mToF's unique light field modulation. Different from the infrared emitters used in traditional ToF solutions, Deptrum's modulated mToF solution leverages the advantages of light field emitter, Wave-Front Processor (WFP), novel high-precision ToF algorithm and multi-sensor fusion technology, so that it can achieve depth enhancement and super-resolution.

Technology Stack

Nanophotonic WFP + modulated light field emitter + high-performance ToF algorithms

Advantages of SPN

Our mToF solution reduces multipath interference by 60% by leveraging to the light field modulation and multi-frequency fusion technology.


Through independent R&D, our mToF sensor captures object edges with enhanced details. Empowered by high-precision algorithms, the precision of the sensor has improved 3 times with repeated measurement error < 0.1%.

Long range

Our mToF solution guarantees high-precision in a long range of 0.2 - 6m.


We achieved super-resolution by implanting our unique fusion algorithm on the RGB-D system,