Core Technology


Soft Core Depth Reconstruction Algorithms


Deptrum modulates the infrared light source to generate structured far-field infrared speckles , which are projected onto the surfaces of objects and then captured by a built-in infrared camera. The structure of those speckles deforms with object surfaces and can be recovered with an exceptional accuracy by our self-designed softcore depth reconstruction algorithms.


We use our own nanophotonic chip to realize the distribution of coded speckles, and then fulfill depth reconstruction by using Sparse Point Network (SPN) algorithms designed by ourselves.

Advantages of SPN
Low Complexity

The computational cost of SPN is approximately one-tenth of that of traditional methods.

Easy to use

It allows real-time calculations on generic Arm or Dsp platforms without an extra ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit),reduced complexity and cost of the system.


Customizable algorithm with high flexibilities.

High Compatibility

SPN natively supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Arm and DSP.

High Precision

Exceptional reconstruction accuracy in industry.