Core Technology


3D Facial & Liveness Recognition Algorithm


The 3D facial & liveness recognition algorithm integrates depth calculation, face detection, face tracking, face quality analysis, face anti-spoofing etc.. It returns the best quality face image and anti-spoofing results.  

With Arm Soc, the 3D face module supports TrustZone and TEE. In order to support physical layer security, business logic layer security, and peripheral data communication security, the 3D face module is equipped with cryptographic submodules recognized by national encryption authorizations.

Real-time RGB video preview for better user experience.

Preserved interfaces for future deployments e.g., adding a screen to build an all-in-one retail payment solution.

Roadmap & Advantages

The essence of our nanophotonic chip WFP is to provide 3D sensing with the ability of light field projection control.

Low Costs

Deptrum's Nanophotonic chip, as well as its artificial intelligence algorithms, are developed independently. The core technologies that integrated into our solutions will include laser projection, fast 3D reconstruction algorithms, and 3D data-based vision intelligence, all of which feature a low price as well as low power consumption.

High Speed

The whole process is finished within a very short time, taking only 0.5 second.

High Accuracy

The accuracy of facial & liveness recognition meets the highest standard of BCTC.

Encryption Capability

The TEE and national standard recognized cryptographic submodules could satisfy various requirements.

Wide dynamic range

Using a wide dynamic range RGB camera that supports 1080p preview.


Retail payment

access control

smart locks

smart barrier gates